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IIFI - International Institute of Financial Intelligence started in 1992 with the mission to provide byte-size world-class - certifications to make your career full-proof. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can learn new skills, refresh old ones, or pursue a passion with in-demand short courses.

On the detection and avoidance of online crime and money laundering crimes, IIFI offers training sessions, seminars, and publications. It is a global leader in the investigations of economic and financial crime. We collaborate with corporations, governments, and law enforcement and military agencies all across the globe.

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How will blockchain impact financial services market?
Few things you should know are:Blockchain is…1. It is more than bitcoin.Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin but its use far exceeds digital currencies. The importance of blockchain to finance and financial markets is its potential beyond bitc...
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Secure ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings): Security Issues Unmasked for ICO Projects
A Starter Guide to Security Vulnerabilities & Illusions in ICO Projects.“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” S. BellowThe new flavor of money is digital crypto-token currencies. Inve...
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Pooring 386 KG of GPTChat cyber security and privacy concerns in a bottle. What happens?
Courtesy: 30+ security vulnerabilities of GPTChat: AI-Powered ML Chatbot, Privacy Concerns, and Cybersecurity ConcernsGPTChat (Generative Pre-trained Transformer [Chatbot ver. 3] aka. GPT3) is a chatbot powered by a...
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Blockchain Simplified… Don’t Read! if you want to know about Blockchain…
A Story in a layman’s Term — Simple Explanation of Complex TechnologyBeautiful Mrs. Blockchain meets Mr. Log — who keeps records of all transactions that was ever verified on Bitcoin Network. [please remember that Bitcoin is the entire system ‘...
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Blockchain Security: How safe is it?
The Blockchain is the underlying technology supporting digital currencies like Bitcoin; it’s a decentralized platform that securely processes transactions through encryption[1].Since this technology cannot be owned by any one person, company, or enti...
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DeFi Fraud Master Checklist
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Open Finance (OFi) is biggest FinTech Innovation for inclusive banking. Today you reply on Banks for your savings, loans, trading, insurance, investments and more… how about an open and accessible finance network which...
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